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COCAMS/NWA 2011 Spring Tornado Contest

Contestants were asked to predict the date of the first tornado in Oklahoma. The contest runs from March 15, until there is a tornado report in Oklahoma. There are 3 categories: county, time of day, and date. The entry with the correct or closest county will receive an Oklahoma Atlas and Gazatteer. The entry with the correct or closest time of day will receive a $15 Sonic gift card. The entry with the correct or closest date will receive a $15 7/11 gift card. Good luck to all our contestants!

Here were the guesses for the contest. The winners for each category are indicated in bold. The first tornado (after March 15 2011) occurred on April 14 in Osage County at 4:12pm CDT.

Name Date County Time of day
Liz Quoetone March 21 Stephens 6:15 CDT
Zach Davis March 24 Roger Mills 5:45 CDT
Rodger Brown March 24 Blaine 3:58 CDT
Mark Sessing March 27 Caddo 5:05 CDT
Jerry Brotzge March 28 Bryan 6:48 CDT
Keith Brewster March 29 Stephens 4:10 CDT
Doug Forsyth April 1 Roger Mills 4:30 CDT
Marc Austin April 5 Ellis 4:15 CDT
Gene Rhoden April 7 Beckham 4:37 CDT
Steve Corfidi April 7 Harmon 5:30 CDT
Ryan Jewell April 8 Tulsa 6:31 CDT
Brenda Gomez April 8 Garfield 4:30 CDT
Sarah Corfidi April 12 Stephens 5:35 CDT
Kevin Brown April 13 Hughes 7:15 CDT